VerifyToday is an exciting and growing technology and services firm, built from the ground up for compliance and security.

We help companies of all sizes to reduce risk and streamline complex HR and Payroll processes. Specifically supplying real-time Employment & Wage Verification and industry-leading Unemployment Cost Management.

We delight our customers with systems and services that help them become HR and Payroll heroes.

VerifyToday Employer Solutions for Wage & Employment Verifications and Unemployment Claims Management

VerifyToday can completely simplify your human resources daily burden. At VerifyToday, you’ll have a dedicated team of hands-on experts who will help you at every step of the process. With over 30-years of experience, you’ll have real access to insight and deep industry knowledge when you need it most.

VerifyToday's Solutions

For Employers


Our cost-saving solutions are helping busy HR and Payroll professionals get back to the core of what they do. Let us help you quickly and easily get started with a full-service program that includes...

For Verifiers


VerifyToday provides real-time verification of employment on behalf of an employer, while closely protecting confidential employee information. With Human Resource and Payroll departments experiencing an increasing number of verifications many employers are choosing to outsource this function to VerifyToday.

For Employees


Our on-demand service allows you to support your employees through some of their biggest events. Whether it's buying their dream home or upgrading their vehicle, VerifyToday gives immediate access to their data allowing your employees to move forward with their plans, no matter if your office is open or closed.

Focus on what matters. We do the rest.

Ready to get even more of your team’s time back? We help your team focus on what matters most. With our fully outsourced solutions, VerifyToday experts quickly and easily move in to help support your team.

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