Unemployment Claims Administration

Let the experts at VerifyToday partner with your HR team to manage and optimize your unemployment practice. We customize our Unemployment Claims Administration program to fit your HR protocols. Helping to increase win rates and lower your liability costs. Our unemployment service implements best practices to ensure state-by-state compliance, protecting your unemployment tax rate.

We’ve seen it before.

Your HR team has so many priorities that it is difficult to make a dent in managing unemployment claims. The paperwork stacks get taller, and the deadlines get closer. Errors and omissions lead to increased tax
rates and potential fines.

We can fix this.

With our dedicated rapid-fire support, we are your HR department’s new best friend. The VerifyToday Unemployment Claim Administration program supports you and your team at every point of the process. We harness the power of technology, automation, and experience to triage your workflow, optimize processes, and achieve better outcomes.


100% Outsourced Claims

VerifyToday takes care of the routine tasks so your human resource department can focus on what matters, not verifying information.

Strict Compliance

Keep your employment data secure by utilizing high-grade security and firewalls within an industry leading data center.

Easy & Customizable Set-up

We’ve streamlined the entire onboarding and data storage process making the relationship simple and beneficial.

VerifyToday Unemployment Cost Management

Higher Win Rates + Lower Costs

Streamline Data Collection

Utilizing a secure data feed and HRIS connectivity, our team of Claims Analysts match your HR practices to reduce manual requests and data collection. Allowing you to have 100% outsourced claims and wage audit fulfillment.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated claim experts handle everything from data collection to claim responses to unemployment appeals and hearings. With your 24/7 customer portal, you'll be able to monitor claim activity and access flexible reporting.

UI Account Monitoring

From start to finish, our team monitors your charge statements to ensure your SUI rate is protected. We will work hand-in-hand with your HR team to process ineligibilities and minimize your liability for chargeable separations.

VerifyToday Unemployment Claims and Tax Management

Focus on what matters. We do the rest.

Want even bigger savings and protection? The VerifyToday Unemployment Tax Consulting experts are ready to help with Voluntary Contributions, Joint Account Analysis, M&A activity, Reorganization, plus more! Need Wage & Employment Verifications? We’ve got you covered there, too!

VerifyToday Unemployment Tax Consulting

Start Experiencing a Better Way

See for yourself the difference our automation and hands-on support can make for you. VerifyToday harnesses the power of technology, automation, and 30+ years of experience to triage your workflow, optimize processes, and achieve better outcomes. You’ll quickly realize increased savings with built-in charge audits and reconciliation. Plus, you'll get access to critical insights to make informed and impactful decisions.

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