Wage and Employment Verifications

Increase your human resource department’s productivity by removing the burden of verifying employee information. VerifyToday's platform works seamlessly with your payroll system to provide 24/7/365 access to wage & employment details. With our strict data security and compliance, you can rest easy knowing your employee's data is safe, secure, and only accessible to those you give access to.

What can VerifyToday do for you?

100% Fulfillment

Say goodbye to manual verifications. With VerifyToday, your data is seamlessly loaded to ensure 100% fulfillment of verifications with the latest employment and pay details.

24/7 Access

Whether it's buying their dream home or upgrading their vehicle, VerifyToday gives your employees 24/7 access to their wage and employment history with privacy controls to limit visibility to their data.

Data Privacy

We care as much about your data security as you do. VerifyToday implements strict security and privacy controls across all platforms to keep your data secure.

Employment and Wage verifications on-demand verifytoday

On-demand + Easy integrations

Alleviate your burden of fulfilling verifications of income and employment. The VerifyToday platform works seamlessly with your payroll data to provide instant access to wage & employment details to approved and credentialed verifiers. We also offer direct and secure access for your employees to view and manage their own data and reports.

VerifyToday handles the entire process with 100% fulfillment. Your team will experience timely, complete, compliant, and real-time fulfillment of verifications, including the latest employment and pay details, without any interruptions to their day.

The Benefits of VerifyToday’s Income Verification Process

Time Savings

VerifyToday takes care of the routine tasks so your human resource department can focus on what matters, not verifying information.

Compliance Controls

Keep your employment data secure by utilizing high-grade security and firewalls within an industry leading data center.

Seamless Implementation

We’ve streamlined the entire onboarding and data storage process making the relationship simple and beneficial.

VerifyToday Employer Solutions for Wage & Employment Verifications and Unemployment Cost Management
VerifyToday Unemployment Cost Management

Focus on what matters. We do the rest.

Ready to get even more of your team’s time back? VerifyToday also has the top Unemployment Cost Management experts who are here to help with a hands-off unemployment claims process and tax strategies to protect your SUI tax rate and decrease your workload.

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