Unemployment Tax Consulting

Controlling your unemployment cost with our Tax Consulting service is simple. We will analyze your current Unemployment footprint to ensure compliance and the lowest possible tax cost. Our 30 years of experience in Tax Consulting will also lead to future savings from any mergers, acquisitions, or reorganizations.


With billions of dollars being lost to unemployment fraud every year, protecting your tax rate is critical to lowering your costs. However, you might be feeling overwhelmed with 54 different statutory dates and deadlines. Or maybe it is the seemingly endless task of auditing your state calculations and appealing them when finding errors?

Our VerfiyToday tax experts seamlessly become part of your tax division. Your on-hand experts will quickly get to work to handle all the paperwork and auditing needed to secure deep savings. You’ll have at your side a proactive team that monitors the latest state and federal unemployment regulations. Whether you’re acquiring new assets or just wanting to safeguard your current business, VerifyToday brings over 30 years of tax expertise to enhance your employment tax planning and management strategically. Ensuring your tax rate is protected, and you are in good standing compliance.

Unemployment Cost Savings

Did you know that for every dollar in unemployment claims you may see $1.30 to $1.70 in new taxes?

The VerifyToday professional Unemployment Tax Consultants have a proven track record of uncovering hidden refund opportunities and additional tax savings. Over the years, our experts have discovered millions of dollars worth of overpayments and tax savings with their audits.

VerifyToday Unemployment Claims and Tax Management

Unemployment Tax Expertise

Whether you're acquiring new assets or analyzing your existing business structure, VerifyToday brings over 30 years of tax expertise to ensure your rates and adjustments optimize your bottom line. Our tax experts specialize in VC, JA, M&A, and reorganization.

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VerifyToday Unemployment Tax Management
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Want even bigger savings and protection?The VerifyToday Unemployment Claims Administration experts are ready to help with a hands-off process to decrease your workload. Need Wage & Employment Verifications? We’ve got you covered there, too!

VerifyToday Business Solutions for Unemployment Claims and Employment verifications


VerifyToday experts are known in the industry for saving money with unique claims and tax strategies. Ensuring that you are paying the lowest amount possible while fully complying with state and federal regulations. Get started today with an internal audit from tax professionals by signing up for a demo below.

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